Remodels & Renovations

Drywall, finishing • Liverpool, NY

The expert craftsmen at Drulyk delivered high-quality results at this Liverpool Subway, and our drywall and finishing work helped lay a smooth foundation for the rest of the project.

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Hillside Park Real Estate
Snow removal • Oswego, NY

Just one of the many services offered at Drulyk: snow removal. Hillside Park Real Estate was hit hard with winter weather, but Drulyk got the team back on their feet and up and running in no time!

Project Details
Red Mill Inn
Pressure washing • Baldwinsville, NY

The Red Mill Inn was in need of a pressure wash, and Drulyk was the right place to call for pristine results. Sometimes all your outdoor space needs is a thorough cleaning to bring out its natural beauty and impress customers.

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Exterior painting • Syracuse, NY

Exterior paint has to endure all nature throws its way. The team at Drulyk gave Optogenics a fresh look that won’t peel, chip, or fade and can endure the harsh weather in Syracuse.

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JGB Properties
Painting, pergola pressure washing • Syracuse, NY

We helped elevate the space at JGB Properties, giving them a new coat of paint and pressure washing.

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Delaware North Companies – Syracuse Airport
Painting • Syracuse, NY

We’ve been called time after time by Hancock Airport, and it’s our quality results that keep us at the top of their list. This paint job went off without a hitch, and Drulyk’s team of expert painters got the job done with efficiency and professionalism.

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Demolition, drywall, finishing, painting • Syracuse, NY

We saw this project through from the first day of demolition to the last brush of paint. Drulyk took on the daunting task of demolition with ease, and we made sure everything was done up to code and up to safety standard. We gave this local Marshalls a clean finish that will last for years and impress customers.

Project Details
Oncenter Theater
Painting • Syracuse, NY

An icon in Syracuse, the Oncenter Theater is rich with history, and Drulyk was prepared to take on the task of helping restore their theater. We customized our paint job for them and gave impressive results that will last for years.

Project Details
Gift Shop – Syracuse Airport
Painting • Syracuse, NY

Another painting project for Drulyk at Syracuse Airport. We gave their gift shop a fresh look with a clean finish that will last for years.

Project Details
Hertz – Syracuse Airport
Parking lot striping • Syracuse, NY

One of our many projects at Hancock Airport, the work we did for nationally known Hertz was completed on-time and on-budget. This parking lot striping required great attention to detail, and Drulyk was able to get the job done right and satisfy our client.

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